PES 2021 HOS Gameplay "Limitless Enjoyment"

eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 HOS gameplay "limitless enjoyment" by Dr Hosam

HOS Gameplay "Limitless Enjoyment" PES21

Key Improvements

- dribbling system: responsive, effective, and enjoyable skill moves.
add auto slow dribble when you release L analog to enable you to use R analog more efficiently
add L2 manual shield.
- shooting system: improved R2 ( controlled shoot ), normal shoot, and loop shoot.
now you can power your shoot and score goals you never scored before.
- improve control of the ball.
- more humanized Goalkeeper.
- improve the foul system and contact system.
- increase the power of penalty kicks to be able to hit the ball before the goalkeeper can punch it.
- improve passing.
- faster animations and decreased reactions.
- improve stamina system: gangepress will take all your stamina so enable it sometime during the game or you will pay the price.
- improve tackling and sliding.
- improve double R1 dash ( burst speed ) to be more effective.
- improve cursor system - more responsive.
- and much more...

Installation For Sider Version

1. copy the' PES2023 HOS gameplay' folder to your 'livecpk' folder
2. add cpk.root = ".\livecpk\PES2023 HOS gameplay"
to your sider.ini

Installation For CPK Version

just copy dt18_all.cpk to your 'Data' folder and replace it
-- backup your original one


PES HOS Gameplay "Limitless Enjoyment" by Dr Hosam
Special thanks to all the game editors that gave Hosamalfars the inspiration to complete this effort
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