eFootball 2022 Epic Graphic Patch V3 (File Loader Version)

Epic Graphic Patch v3 (File Loader Version) eFootball 2022
Credits. @juce and @nesa24
for eFootball modding support and for File Loader!

eFootball 2022 Epic Graphic Patch v3. Another set of UE4 graphic tweaks. Increased lod's, drawing range, screen percentage, shadow quality, and ambient occlusion. Removed blur, bloom, vignette, jitter, sharpness, and chromatic aberration.


Recommend to run the game in DX12 mode for better performance.
Open your Steam library>Right click on the game and select “Properties”>On the “General” tab look at “Launch Options” Into the input field copy “-dx12” (without quotes)>Close Properties.
Not compatible with other graphic's mods, (for example: Bogo's exe mods, High/Ultra graphic Addon) Powerful hardware is required.

How to use?

1. First you need to download and install File Loader
2. Download Epic Graphic Patch v3
3. Then unrar and copy with replacing to the game folder

Credits : endo, @juce and @nesa24
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