PES 2021 Stade des Costieres Stadium

Stade des Costieres Stadiums - Nimes For PES 2021

* Team ID : 1910
* Stadium ID : 009


  • correctly rotated by 180 degrees
  • added new improved banners
  • added night lights in lounges and corridors
  • added tv background from real life
  • cut and rotated adboards
  • fixed the crowd positioning and standings
  • rescaled whole stadium better
  • for further improvements look at the images
  • imported cutscene for players getting out of the tunnel
  • P.S the fans on left and right end are both jumping up and down like ultras in real life i was just too lazy to take screens after changes



  • Download file & Extract them using WinRAR
  • Install Sider by Juce
  • Install Stadium Server by zlac & UPDATE
  • Extract PES 2021 Stadium with WinRAR Copy stadium folder to "\content\stadium-server\"
  • Open map_teams.txt with text editor and copy this line inside map_teams.txt

team_ID, stadium_id, stadium_name, stadium_path #optional comment

  • Save, And now run sider.exe to play the game


  • Remember, all comma-signs are mandatory - 6 per one line ! ( for map_competitions.txt )
  • Choose stadium via Manual Selection ! ( for map_competitions.txt )


  • fernold2k & converted by Hobbit, Captain8lunt
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