eFootball 2022 Patch v0.6.5 (Europe and Latin All Stars)

Patch v0.6.5 (Europe and Latin All Stars) For eFootball 2022

All Teams & Competitions With Correct Names in eFootball 2022 Patch v0.6.5. A fresh update for the initial eFootball 2022 patch has been made available by Mahanddeem. Links for the eFootball PES 2022 Konami game's net blocked exe have also been included, along with several additional transfers.

First patch for eFootball 2022 on the internet, proudly from evoweb!
Important disclaimer: This is a very early patch for eFoorball 2022. We have no "fully working" editing tools (at least as of yet) and working on this game is so complicated, time consuming and requires a lot of hex work with trial and error. Don't expect much from this patch (that is why it's v zero point something)

The modding community is still trying to learn how to edit and mod this game

If you agree to the above, and ready to give this game justice (I believe this game has a solid, on the pitch, gameplay), please proceed

Features eFootball 2022 Patch v0.6.5

- All Teams with correct names (and short names)
- All Competitions with correct names
- Promoted/Relegated teams from England, France, Spain and Italy leagues for season 2022/2023
- Major transfers done (for a lot of teams but not all)
- Database from August 18th Konami Live Update
-⭐NEW: 2 New teams (Europe All Stars and Latin All Stars) replacing Melipilla AB and Valparasio V from Other Teams Latin America* (see note below, to use the new teams see Other Teams Europe and Other Teams Latin America)

* Please note the current limitations in team emblems, map location and kits for the new teams!
** Until this moment it is not possible to import graphical contents to the game

NEW in eFootball 2022 Patch Update 0.5:

Including several new transfers, modified starting eleven for big teams, and promoted/relegated teams 2022/2023 for Premier League, La Liga, League 1, and Serie A.

NEW in eFootball 2022 Patch Update 0.4:

Several new transfers:
Lukaku, Lingard, Chellini, Dani Alves, Nuno Tavares, W. Saliba, Kasper Schmeichel, Leno, K. Koulibaly, A. Pereira, C. Lenglet, Renato Sanches, M. Vecino, V. Lazaro, J. Alvarez, Wiljnaldum, Puig, Alex Telles, Tagliafeco, Pablo Sarabia

NEW in v0.3:

Added several new transfers
Until this moment it is not possible to import graphical contents to the game. So kits and emblems are out of question.

NEW in v0.2:

Added several new transfers
Corrected starting eleven for many teams
Corrected several team abbreviated names
Until this moment it is not possible to import graphical contents to the game. So kits and emblems are out of question.


1. (Optional) To unlock all teams use Bogo36 unlocker 1.1.4 (you still can see corrected names and updated transfers in training as well as match trial mode with the original 9 teams if you don't use unlocker)
2. Navigate to C:\ProgramData and delete the folder "Konami" (backup first). Do not confuse it with Konami folder located in My Documents,they are NOT the same.
3. Unzip patch rar then copy the contents of cpk folder to your eFootball cpk folder (agree to replace file after you backup the original file).
4. Run game.
5. Change game language to English (or else competition names will not show the corrected ones)

Important note: It's very crucial to run game offline! there is a major ban risk from Konami if you play while game is connected to servers.
Bogo36 unlocker comes with a net-blocked exe. If you're not using his unlocker use these exe (replace with the one you have) both are @Bogo36 exes (fps unlocked too)
* For version 1.1.4 : Here
* For version 1.0.0 : Here

Password: evoweb

Credits & Thanks to:

mahanddeem, @Bogo36 (the great unlocker and FPS unlock patches), @endo (major works to improve the game visuals), @NFS_FM (THE database king), @erol.kopuz16 (information on database decoding), @Adrian2780 (advice and experience). Thank you all
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