eFootball 2022 Player Data Editor V1.1

Player Data Editor For eFootball 2022

V1.1 Fix Notes:

  • Goal Celebration: save problem fixed it
  • Flip Flap: Read/Write Fixed it
  • Early Cross: Read/Write Fixed it
  • General: some bugs fixed

eFootball 2022 Player Data Editor 1.1 New Features:

  • Export All Players to xls Workbook with Ability
  • Export All Players to csv only ability and general edits(with general used)
  • Export Player Block From PES22
  • Export Player Block (csv)
  • Export Player Block (Workbook)
  • Import Player Block From PES22
  • Import Player Block From PES21
  • Dribbling Arm Movement Motion
  • Running Arm Movement Motion
  • Import Player Block (csv)
  • When the Player Name is Changed, the name in the Player list will change


  • General edits: age, height, weight, nationality, etc.
  • Abilities
  • Player skills
  • All play styles
  • Game position
  • Registered position


  • Always make a backup copy of your file
  • The tool uses the Obfuscator Tool to protect the code. If your antivirus detects the file, this is a false detection


Note : This tool is in beta testing


  • Devil Cold52 Production

Big Thanks to:

  • @vadim_95 for Player.bin Decoding
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