eFootball 2022 No Crowd Mod

No Crowd Mod For eFootball 2022

In an effort to improve game performance, Jostike Games discovered a line of code inside the executable that disables the tribune ONLY DURING GAMEPLAY, and he hopes that this will benefit the vast majority of players. Without a doubt, removing the grandstand helps with the fps drops that occur depending on where you are on the court


*Preview : https://youtu.be/9JAxyEuXT5M

How to Use?

  • Backup your original exe in steamapps\common\eFootball\eFootball\Binaries\Win64
  • Replace it with new exe from Jostike to same place steamapps\common\eFootball\eFootball\Binaries\Win64
  • Play & Enjoy Game

Credits : Jostike Games
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