PES 2021 Stadium The Ultimate Stage V2

Stadium The Ultimate Stage Final UCL PES 2021

Stadium ID : 057

Features V2:

  • Added Automatic UEFA Super Cup Banners (Can be used as Super Cup Final Venue)
  • Fixed Pitch Problems from V1
  • Compatible with Entrance Mod (Tunnel Arch now visible)
  • Reduced Pitch Brightness from V1
  • Restored Original PES 2018 Entrance Animation
  • Fixed Flickering UEFA CL Ads on 2 sides from V1
  • Restored Intro Cam Angles from PES 2018
  • Fix Fan Choreo on both sides


  • This Stadium is only meant to be Played at Night. Can be played in Rainy Conditions but if you use any Entrance Mod, may have Bugs
  • Entrance is modified to suit Champions League Final, so playing Exhibition Matches in this Stadium Results in Players Entering through Wall
  • If you find the Stadium too Bright, turn the BRIGHTNESS Down. (Recommended : C=55 ; B=45)
  • Automatic Champions League Stadium Banners assignment if you use @FuNZoTiK Stadium Banner Module



  • Download file & Extract them using WinRAR
  • Install Sider by Juce
  • Install Stadium Server by zlac & Update
  • Extract PES 2020 Stadium with WinRAR, copy extracted folder to \content\stadium-server\
  • Open map_competition.txt with text editor and copy this line inside map_competition.txt

4, , , , 057, The Ultimate Stage, UEFA\The Ultimate Stage # UCL Final
*This will set The Ultimate Stage as Champions League Final Match

7, , , , 057, The Ultimate Stage, UEFA\The Ultimate Stage # USC Final
*This will set The Ultimate Stage as UEFA Super Cup Match

  • Save it, and now run sider.exe and play PES 2020 via STEAM

Converted by : _TheSpecialOne_


  • @shawminator - Fixing the Crowd Bug
  • @MJTS-140914 : Instructions to Fix Lighting of Stadium
  • @Hobbit
  • @odil24
  • @captain8lunt
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