PES 2021 KitServer Tight Kit EvoWeb Patch

PES 2021 Kitserver tightkit EvoWebPatch with a mix of all patch competition (UCL, UEL, FaCup, Trophée des champions etc..)


  • Add others competition badges with old kit..
  • Add new kit update v.1.0 EvoPatchWeb


This is for those who want to keep EvoWeb Patch jerseys and also have additional competition patches.



  • Backup your kitserver folder and paste my kitserver folder into "content".
  • Don't forget to also have update Evopatch v1.0/ kserv 1.6 module from @zlac with the latest sider from @juce 7.0.2
  • Run as "Sider.exe" & play PES 2021


  • Stretch
  • @Glauber Silva , @Cesc Fabregas , @Hawke , @mota10 , @Nemanja @Milwalt @juce @thomas691 @avif avriadi
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