PES 2021 Boots Pack Season Update V10 AIO

New Boots Pack Season Update for PES 2021


  • 100 Boots
  • 30 GK Gloves
  • 434 Hidden Boots
  • 34 GK Hidden Gloves

New Addeds:

  • Added New Adidas Predator Freak.1 Paul Pogba X Stella McCarteny Vegan Boot (Hidden mode)
  • Added New Phantom GT II Shock Wave Pack (Hidden mode)
  • Added New Adidas UCL Retro Pack (Hidden Mode)
  • Added New Adidas White Sparks Pack (Not Released Yet from Adidas)
  • Added New Puma Under The Light Pack
  • Added many Hidden boots & GK Gloves in hidden mode (Ceck the spoiler list)
  • Restored with real 3D model Laces some Adidas X 18.1, x 19.1, X Ghosted.1 and Copa 20.1 (Special Thanks @RevvyD for your Help)
  • Restored some models and re-textures from FIFA 22 and eFootball (Like Phantom GT II, Nike Mercurial...)

Over the months, obviously the boots pack will be implemented with new collections of boots and gloves and many custom or retro boots.




  • Delete all previous versions of my "bootspack" and "boot-root" (This Is an AIO Version)
  • Extract "boot-root" folder in the archive "Hoppus 117 eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE BOOTS PACK V10" on your desktop
  • Copy and paste the "boot-root" folder in your \\sider-7.0.2 or +\livecpk folder
  • Open your sider.ini with notepad (root: \\sider-7.0.2 or +) and copy the command line
        cpk.root = ".\livecpk\boot-root"
  • placing it on top (1st place in the list of live cpk) if you have other mods installed. IMPORTANT: Check that you have enabled live cpk in sider.ini (more details here), File/save.
  • Run Sider.exe and play PES 2021


  • Hoppus117 Boots Maker
  • Tisera09 Boots & Gloves
  • @gabriele-150115
  • @ziyech.2304
  • @Eddyedwards1075
  • @pao4ever
  • @juce
  • @shawminator
  • @Tunizizou
  • @Devil Cold52
  • @ejogc327
  • Lagun-2
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