PES 2017 Smoke Patch Mega Facepack (5600+ Faces) + Update 4

SmokePatch Mega Facepack for pes2017

Update 4:

  • Added 569 faces
  • Includes fixes for reported bugs and reprocessed new faces sent by our users, list update faces list below
  • Our face pack are clean from bugs, if users add faces from other sources be sure they don't cause a black screen bug at the end of the game
  • Special thanks to Toukichi for helping pes17 users

Changes from old facepack :

  • Removed (realeyes) mod from all faces
  • New compressions method
  • Removed ~600 faces (not in the game anymore)
  • Sdded ~800 faces (various leagues and teams)

this pack have more than 5000 faces, all of them are individually packed, retextured and compressed, many tests are made without having any problem, if you find something we didnt, you can report it in the comment section and we will correct if possible.

No realeyes mod:

  • Many faces have a mod called (realeyes), wich will make the eyes more realistic, but it have compatibility issues in the game, realeye mod causes a bug at the end of CL games, that will force the game to hang due to conflict in loading the propre graphic files.
  • all the faces in this pack are free of this mod.


  • This pack uses a different compression method, that will make the faces load faster and also reduces the files size significantly
  • The CPK files of the faces are not compressed, this will make them load much faster in the game, the DDS textures inside the cpk are zlipped, this will make the textures much smaller in size without affecting the quality or the load speed as the game will unzlip the files anyway.

Original pack size: 25GB
After compression: 7GB


  • We do not include tattoo mod in the facepack, for the same reason why konami did not add tattoos in pes17, high risk of problems that we like to avoid, if you add any tattoo mods it is at your own risk.




  • To use without smokepatch, you will need to add these files to your DB file list, this facepack is created specifically for smokepatch17 v2, see the database ID reference


  • Extract faces files from archive parts
  • get all parts and be sure all are completed, extract only part one the rest will be extracted automatically.
  • Copy and replace the cpk files
  • you will find 4 cpk files extracted, copy and replace these files in the download folder of the game.
  • should be something like (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\pro evolution soccer 2017\download) depending on your installation directory.


  • Smoke Patch
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