PES 2020 Master League Money Tool V1.1

Master League Money Tool

Features V1.1 :

•    Rewrited code (All bugs fixed & general improvements).
•    Transfer Budget and Salary Budget max value increased.
•    Added option to mod followers (Press F).
•    Compatible with patch 1.01.01 and 1.01.02 (Choose version by clicking on top PES 2020 image).
•    Updated gui design


•    Open the tool
•    Click open file
•    Choose ML0000000 file in save folder (documents/konami...)
•    Mod what you want
•    Click apply
•    Click save
•    You ready to go

Release Notes:

•    Since the Salary Budget is Available Salary+Players Salary (Year/Month)
•    In order to see the real Salary Budget you will get you need to go to:
•    Master League => Manager’s Office => Finance => Club Account Balance => and check the value of “Player Salaries”

Download :

•    Master League Money Tool V1.1 PES 2020


•    In my case my players salary are 40261400€
•    In my tool i've inserted 50000000€
•    So 50000000€ - 40261400€ = 9738600€
•    In game i will have available 9738600€


•    Check the tool compatibility in "About" menu. (To enter in "About" menu just click in PES 2020 logo on top of the tool.)
•    Press F1 to check how many times you've modded ML money.
•    Press F10 to reset settings.

Credit & Thanks to : extream87
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