PES 2017 T99 Patch V2 (Based PES 2019) Season 2019-2020

T99 Patch V2 (Based PES 2019) Season 2019-2020 PES 2017

Features :

•    Based PES 2019 database with latest live update
•    Fix fake id & fake name players
•    Fix id team with real id from konami
•    Update Serie B & LaLiga 1|2|3
•    Replace PEU league with Germany 1. Bundesliga
•    Replace PAS league with Japan J1 League
•    Replace PLA league with Colombia Liga Águila
•    Add Belgium, Denmark, Russia, Turkey, Scotland, Switzerland & some uefa teams on other European teams
•    Add conmebol/Libertadores team on other latin america teams
•    Add Japan J2 League, China, Thailand teams on other asia teams
•    Add some national teams from Asia
•    Update flag, emblem, coach, miniface, ball & badge

Live Update Features :

•    Based PES 2019 database with latest live update 06/06/2019
•    Updated t99_patch_4
•    Updated t99_liveupd
•    Updated t99_unicolor

V2.0 Features :

•    New season update 2019-2020.
•    Latest Summer Transfers [02 September 2019].
•    Penambahan beberapa tim dari Indonesia.
•    Perubahan sistem pemberian id untuk pemain yang tidak ada di database konami.

Download :

•    T99 Patch V2 (Based PES 2019) Season 2019-2020 PES 2017


•    No Required "dt80_100E_win, dt80_200E_win & dt80_300E_win"
•    Download t99 patch V2 & extract them using WinRAR.
•    Start the "Setup" Run as administrator
•    Input installation password
•    Select your PES 2017 installation folder
•    Wait some minutes
•    Finish, t99 patch is installed
•    Don't forget to re-generate DpFileList if you have some mods to install
•    Play & Enjoy the Game!

Dpfilelist :

Password :
Patch Maker : tauvic99

Credits & Thanks to :
Konami, Ejog327, Devil.Cold52, MjTs-140914, zlac, lagun-2, jenkey1002, Baris, Suat Cagdas (tools), NFS_FM, Albiore (database id), Peslogos, Sortitoutsi, fmdata, futwiz (logos, minifaces), PTE , pesworld (ps4 bundesliga player values), (ps4 seri b player values), ggdaris (ps4 asian national team player values), JuanIgnacioSP (ps4 conmebol player values), purp mete (list, id player segunda, bundesliga, seri b), Tisera09, hawke, cronos, eslam, geo_craig90, predator002, Az Mods, mmpes, immortal, mirukuu, pesrmd48 dan lain-lain.
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